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About Us

We’re the Baby’s First Years team at Teachers College - Columbia University, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!


Ana Beatriz Vizcaino-Gutierrez

Baby's First Years Site Coordinator

  • 6-year-old Ana Beatriz loved going to the beach with her cousins, wearing costumes and watching Space Jam EVERY night with her brother.

  • Grown-up Ana Beatriz loves Central Park, traveling, running, reading, cooking and learning new things. She also loves working with children!

Ana Beatriz.jpg

Ana Dueñas Crespo

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 16.38.44.png

Research Assistant

  • 6-year-old Ana loved eating ice cream, gardening, baking chocolate chip cookies, and biking around her neighborhood. 

  • Grown up Ana loves exploring new foods and recipes, hiking, knitting, and making pottery.

Angie Narvaez

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Research Assistant

  • 6-year-old Angie loved to read and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  • Grown up Angie loves trying new restaurants, traveling to new places, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

Dayanara Sanchez


Research Assistant

  • 6-year-old Dayanara loved playing in the park, riding her bike, and eating candy.  

  • Grown up Dayanara loves hikes, reading and eating at new restaurants.

Stephanie Martinez-Lopez

Screen Shot 2024-05-31 at 11.57.57 AM.png
Screen Shot 2024-05-31 at 11.58.56 AM.png

Research Assistant

  • 6-year-old Stephanie loved climbing trees, playing dress up, and being bossy.

  • Grown up Stephanie loves going on walks through the park, reading, and snacking on sweets.  

Natalia Hernandez Pardo

IMG_2056 (1).jpg

Research Assistant

  • 6 year-old Natalia loved to play dress up and create shows being different princesses with her cousins and going to the beach.

  • Grown up Natalia loves crocheting, fostering dogs, reading, and hanging out with family and friends.

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