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About Us

We’re the Baby’s First Years team at Teachers College - Columbia University, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!


Renata Penalva Vieira da Silva

R adult_edited.jpg
R child.jpg

Baby's First Years Site Coordinator

  • 4-year-old Renata loved to climb in mango trees, play with dolls, play in the water, and build sand castles at the beach

  • Grown-up Renata loves being around trees and going to the beach, but has retired her sand-castle building career

Katie Diaz


Research Assistant

  • 4-year-old  Katie loved The Cheetah Girls, swimming, putting on shows for her family, and her play kitchen named “The Broccoli Cafe” (even though she didn’t really like broccoli). 

  • Grown up loves her dog Sadie, sour patch kids, Broadway shows, Gilmore Girls, and horseback riding. 

Angie Narvaez

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Research Assistant

  • 4-year-old Angie loved to read and mint chocolate chip ice cream

  • Grown up Angie loves trying new restaurants, traveling to new places, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

Chanel Ramirez


Research Assistant

  • 4-year-old Chanel loved dogs, playing with Abuela, and McDonald's chicken McNuggets

  • Grown up Chanel loves walks though Inwood Hill Park & Fort Tryon Park, the New York Yankees, chicharrón de pollo sin hueso, and is still obsessed with dogs

Ana Beatriz Vizcaino-Gutierrez

Ana Beatriz.jpg

Research Assistant

  • 4-year-old Ana Beatriz loved going to the beach with her cousins, wearing costumes and watching Space Jam EVERY night with her brother.

  • Grown-up Ana Beatriz loves Central Park, traveling, running, reading, cooking and learning new things. She also loves working with children!

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