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Getting to Our Office


We are located on the University of New Orleans campus in the Geology & Psychology building. The campus address is listed at 2000 Lakeshore Drive. However, to find our exact building, you can use the following address:

Click the map to expand and navigate.


Parking is on us! At no point should you have to pay a fee for parking. If you are driving yourself to our lab, we will meet you outside with a parking pass. This gives you the freedom to park wherever you would like on campus. We recommend directly In front of the building (Faculty & Staff parking lot)!

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 4.42.48 PM.png

A staff member should meet you in the parking lot or in the lobby of the building to lead you to the lounge. If you have arrived and are not sure if you are in the right location, please give your assigned staff member a call!
You can also always call 504-298-9605.

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