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About Us

We’re the Baby’s First Years team at the University of New Orleans, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!


Eryn Adams 

Eryn - Adult.jpeg
Eryn - 4 year old.jpg

New Orleans Study Coordinator

  • Grown-up Eryn loves  to watch movies, learn piano, and go on walks 

  • 4-yeard-old Eryn loved  to read books with her parents, wash dishes, and play with dolls

Asia Young

Asia - Adult.JPG
Asia - 4 year old.jpeg

Research Assistant

  • 4-yeard-old Asia loved to play pretend

  • Grown-up Asia loves to dance and shop

Erica Jolla

Erica - Adult.JPG
Green Striped Onesie

Research Assistant

  • 4-yeard-old Erica loved to read books

  • Grown-up Erica still loves reading

Sarah Meunier

Sarah - Adult.jpeg
Green Striped Onesie

Research Assistant

  • 4-yeard-old Sarah loved to play with legos and take dance classes

  • Grown-up Sarah  loves to play with her dogs at the park